Each car in GT5 has 200.000 polygons!

Each car in GT5 has 200.000 polygons!

GT5 is a simulator, but there’s a lot of settings you can use to keep it simple and easy to play. Hardcore simulator fans will want to turn everything off. There’s no car damage, but it could finally appear in the full game. When you finish the A class, car tuning is unlocked. Then you can tune the cars and get the best performance possible for every situation.

Everything about GT5 is gorgeous, from the menus to the gameplay and the replays. 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second is every gamer’s wet dream in the current console generation, and GT5 delivers. GT4 had 6 cars on track, now you get up to 16, each one more detailed than ever. This is probably the most technicaly advanced game in the PlayStation 3, and it’s not the finished product yet. The gorgeous graphics still cant match real life, but the sound is exactly like the real thing! Turn off the music, pump up the volume, and enjoy the unique engine sound effects of each car.

I believe all racing games should be played with a wheel and GT is no exception. Even a cheap wheel makes all the difference, as long as it has force feedback. If you want the best experience get a Logitech G25 and a PlaySeat. It’s a fantastic setup, but it will cost you more than buying a new console.

The new cockpit view in all it’s glory.

When you first play GT5 Prologue you will be prompted to update it to the Spec II version. This means that Polyphony Digital is still updating this “demo” and more content will be released in the future. Cars, tracks, new modes, who knows? Prologue is not a full game, but it’s not just a demo either, and it could get better and larger before the full GT5 comes out next year. If you love Gran Turismo and you’re still reading this instead of playing Prologue, you must be insane.

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