Meet my favorite car. Ever.

This means you have to compete in lots of events to grow your bank account. These events come in series – C, B, A and S. Each one gives you credits, even if you dont win, and the prize for completing a series is a new car. If you want to buy more than a dozen cars, you’ll have to play the limited amount of events over and over again, because Prologue has many cars but not that many tracks. The events can be races or time trials, and sometimes a specific car is required to enter. The track list is where Prologue comes short. You get 6 realistic tracks, Eiger Nordwand, Daytona, London, Fuji, Suzuka and the High Speed Ring – all drivable in two different layouts. This is a nice set of tracks, but hardcore fans will need more after a couple of days glued to the game. Let us pray for downloadable content in the near future.

The arcade mode lets you play a race, drift or time-trial in any circuit. True GT gamers will play time-trial until dawn, trying to be a just split-second faster than before. The online leaderboards are very detailed and you can even download the ghosts of the top players to learn how they did it. In drift mode you score points as you drift, but you lose them as soon as you hit something or the car spins out of control. If you want to go multi-player, there’s also a split-screen option with limited view options.

Prologue is the first ever Gran Turismo title with online racing. Up to 16 players races is pretty amazing, but there’s no private rooms, so you just race against random gamers. You probably want to race your friends, but you’ll have to wait for the next update. Voice chat is also missing but coming soon. When playing online the other cars dont move as smoothly, but it’s still playable. If someone drives in a way that could be considered unfair to the other drivers, his car turns into a ghost and noone will crash into it. This feature helps prevent abuse and works fairly well. Even with the current limitations, racing online is very addictive.

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